Pastured Pigs

Grass-fed pastured pork

Grass-fed Pork

Grass-fed pork? Yes, it's a thing! The pigs we raise are a combination of two heritage breeds and a small grazing breed from New Zealand.  This unique mix results in a pig that grows out moderately well, while eating a diet of grass and conventional grains. The meat from grass-fed pigs is higher in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also more marbleized than traditional grown pork, with a deep red color and a sweeter flavor. From a sustainability perspective, grass-fed animals have the advantage of eating from the most local, least-intensive source available - pasture!

Pork Cuts

We offer a variety of popular cuts and sausage. Our current pricing as of 2023 is shown in the image. Pork cuts are available for purchase at the farmers markets and fairs we attend, as well as directly from our farm (call ahead for availability). 

Pork Shares

When you purchase a pork share, we raise a whole or half pig, just for you. We'll arrange a date with the butcher, who will process the animal and provide the exact cuts and sausage you choose. This option will give you a lower price per pound than if you buy cuts directly from us, and you'll have the ability to keep less-common parts such as the head, hooves, lard and organs, etc. if you desire. 

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Pork Share Details

It's important to understand that the breed we raise grows more slowly than a typical pig, and while we aim for a hanging weight of close to 200 lbs, we're not able to make any guarantees. The date the pigs are born and individual genetics of the animals determine their final weight, which is ultimately out of our control - some may be larger and some smaller.

The butcher we use is Lemay and Sons, LLC in Goffstown, NH, who you will pay separately based on the cuts you select as well as sausage and smoking options. Their pricing is subject to change and can be found here: You will pick up your cuts directly from their facility. Lemay and Sons is the longest-running USDA-inspected facility in New Hampshire. Although such problems are rare, we cannot be held responsible for any issues with the services provided by the butcher.

We charge $4.25/lb hanging weight to purchase, raise, and transport the pig to the butcher.  If the hanging weight of your pig is 175 lbs, you would pay us a total of $743.75, in addition to butcher fees.

The amount you pay the butcher could be as low as $225, but it is more likely to cost closer to $300 when sausage and smoking are added.  Please call Lemay and Sons for an up-to-date estimate based on current pricing and the specific cuts and processing you'd like.

The amount of meat you receive back from the butcher is known as yield. Customers who select primarily meat cuts can expect approximately a 60% yield. A yield of 70% can be reached by adding organs and other "less-common" parts. The price you pay the butcher and the yield you receive are completely dependent on what cuts you request and how they are processed. 

Using the examples above, a 175lb. pig could cost a total of $1,028.75 if you order 10 lbs of linked sausage, 10 lbs of ground sausage and 20 lbs of smoked meat. This comes out to $5.88/lb. based on hanging weight, or $9.80/lb., based on a 60% yield. 

Payments will be made to Arándano Farm as follows:

Note: Make sure you have a freezer big enough to store your order!