Farm Products

We offer a variety of meat and vegetable products, as well as baked goods from our home-based bakery.

Our products are available for pickup directly from our farm (call first to check availability), and also at several local retailers:

During the summer, we sell our products at two weekend farmers markets:

and one mid-week market:

Pasture raised,  organically-fed chicken. There's nothing like it!

Maximum of $6.00/lb
(less for larger birds)

Pasture raised pigs

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs live free on open pasture. Half and whole pigs available as pork shares for $4.25/lb hanging weight + butcher fees.

Pork cuts and sausage also available.


Freshly grown microgreens, year round

Various types and mixes $6/bag (2 oz).

Wholesale/bulk bags also available.

Naturally-grown Vegetables

Our vegetables are grown naturally with no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays.

Availability and pricing can vary.

Chicken Eggs

Multi-color, farm fresh eggs from our mixed flock.


Duck and goose eggs

Duck and Goose Eggs

Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs
$3/each or $15/half-dozen