Farm Products

We offer a variety of meat and vegetable products, as well as baked goods from our home-based bakery.

Pasture raised,  organically-fed chicken. There's nothing like it!


Pasture raised pigs

Our Idaho Pasture Pigs live free on open pasture. Half and whole pigs available as pork shares for $4.25/lb hanging weight + butcher fees.

Pork cuts and sausage also available.


Freshly grown microgreens, year round

Various types and mixes $6/bag (2 oz).

Wholesale/bulk bags also available.

Naturally-grown Vegetables

Our vegetables are grown naturally with no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays.

Availability and pricing can vary.

Chicken Eggs

We primarily sell our eggs to wholesale customers. It never hurts to ask to see what we have available, and we'll usually bring some to our farmers markets.